A ficção científica e a fantasia vistas deste lado da periferia e suas memórias.

Antologia de Ficção Científica, Org. de Lima da Costa (Colecção Antologia nº 17 – 1964)Arcádia

A antologia conta com um prefácio de cerca de trinta página da autoria do organizador e publica o emblemático conto de Alfred Bester, “Os Homens que mataram Maomé” (The Men Who Murdered Mohammed,1958), conto já referido no post anterior e que foi também publicado no nº 242 da colecção de FC de Bolso das PEA.

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International Speculative Fiction N.º 0 – Free Download

Acabou de sair o nº O do ezine International Speculative Fiction, o novo projecto de Roberto Mendes e que pode ser transferido a partir da página do projecto ISF.

ISF N.º 0 – Free Download


Dear ISF readers: you are now free to download our “baby” ;)
Thats right, we achieved our goal to publish the first number (number zero actually) in June. This means we had to work really hard in order to do so! But hey, we have done it! And I am proud to say it!
Now we will wait peacefully  for you to tell us what do you think of the magazine, what is great about it, what is not so great and what we really need to change! So, without further ado, download the Pdf. version (e-book version will be available in two weeks counting from today) and read it! Then get back here and leave your comments!
One thing is certain: International Speculative Fiction is here to stay!
ISF n.º 0 June 2012

Roberto Mendes
Editor in Chief
30 June 2012

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